Our infant/toddler environment, aptly named as it is a part of history that links to Maria Montessori and her studies. Nido, Italian for “nest”, serves a small number of children from 6 months to around 2 years. The environment emphasizes materials and activities scaled to the children’s size and abilities, opportunities to develop movement, and activities to develop independence and skills associated with real life. Development of independence in toileting is typically emphasized as well.

For children, especially in the infant community, movement is the very centre of their life. They are involved in an exciting task of learning to move efficiently in their world. The motor activities engaged in by the children play a very important role in their whole development. Movement aids in discovering and reinforcing a variety of perceptual motor and academic concepts. It also contributes to the enhancement of positive self-esteem.

The well-structured programme at an early age promotes the transition of movement to abstract notion, enhancing and supporting concepts of the pre-primary and primary Montessori programme later on.

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