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Why are we different

Why are we different Why are we different

Our approach is consistent with current brain research and research based on longitudinal observation of young children, which indicates that children learn best through play, using their senses, needing many opportunities to initiate learning on their own, and needing periods of choice that alternate with periods of guidance.  

At Montessori Stepping Stones we begin with a deep respect for the child as a unique individual.  We work from a deep concern for his or her social and emotional development, because there is far more to an education than mastering facts.

We aim to provide a caring and supportive community for children, staff and parents, custodians and families. You cannot get lost in the crowd! We consciously guide our children to be kind and respectful.

Our rooms are stimulating and exciting environments for learning.

  • At Montessori Stepping Stones the goal is to develop children who really understand their learning environment.
  • Our children learn through hands-on experience, investigation, and research. They become actively engaged in their learning and development, rather than passively waiting to be spoon-fed.
  • Montessori is consciously designed to recognise and address different learning styles, helping children s learn to learn most effectively.
  • The children in our centre develop self-discipline and an internal     sense of purpose and motivation.
  • The Montessori Stepping Stones Centre is an international care and learning environment. Our curriculum, our staff and children reflect a global perspective.
  • We instil our children a love for the natural world. Ecological studies and outdoor education are an essential part of every child's life at Montessori.
  • Our curriculum is carefully structured and integrated to demonstrate the connections among the different learning areas. Every room and programming evolves around relationships, reflection and critical thinking, composition, and research. History activities link to the arts, science and technology.
  • As a group of educators and staff we not only care and educate children; we aim to learn from, them too and extend our friendship as mentors.
  • At Montessori Stepping Stones, we know children make mistakes and we explain that making them are natural stepping stones in the learning process.
  • We guide our children to learn to collaborate and work together in learning projects. Our goal is to provide means for each child to reach their optimal skills depending on their individual developmental journey and at their respective level.