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The Music And Art Program

The Music And Art Program The Music And Art Program

The music and arts are not set apart from the rest of the curricular activities.  They are modes of exploring and expanding lessons that have been introduced in such learning areas as geography, history, English, science or mathematics.

The art activities at Montessori Stepping Stones are aimed to meet these specific goals:

  • to provide the child with time to develop skills in creativity and imagination and express his or her individual creativity using a multitude of different media,
  • to facilitate techniques which will advance the child's art skills and expand her or his knowledge regarding what can be achieved through art.
The music program at Montessori Stepping Stones addresses the musical and rhythmic needs of children starting in their early childhood.  The philosophy behind our music program is to foster the child's educational experience through sound ability, to utilise and control the first musical instrument known to man, the voice, and to develop a basis to stimulate and enhance learning in the academic arenas.  

As the children develop their abilities, they advance to the various and subjects within the music program.  The current music program is comprised of several facets: Introductory small group lessons, instrumental lessons, music appreciation and music history.

The art environment is a place where anything is possible and everything goes.  The child who does not like the two dimensional quality of paper might be fascinated with paper pulp sculpture or drawing with crayons on sandpaper in the fashion of the prehistoric cave artists.

Through exploring both the conventional and unconventional media in children's art, each child will be more able to creatively express himself, allowing for a higher level of skill and more.

Further, by doing this, the children will continue to add to their bank of knowledge of art and enhance their art appreciation skills.  These activities serve as a stimulus for their own creative expression, giving them ideas and impressions to use in their own individual art. Art is more than clay, paper, paste, paint, and glitter.

By demonstrating artistic concepts such as texture, the colour wheel, blending, and movement and providing a never-ending supply of ways for these concepts to be applied, the child is set up for success.