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The Language Program, The Love For Language

The Language Program, The Love For Language The Language Program, The Love For Language

The process of learning how to read should be as painless and simple as learning how to speak.

The process of learning to read and write at a Montessori Stepping Stones® Centre comes naturally and begins with a child’s first interest.

The child begins by learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, using her or his growing knowledge to read and write increasingly complex words and sentences.

Mastery of basic skills normally develops so smoothly that children tend to exhibit a sudden ‘explosion into reading,’ which leaves our young children & s, not to mention their families, beaming with pride.

Once our young children have made their first breakthroughs into reading, they tend to proceed rapidly.

There is typically a quick jump from reading and writing single words to sentences and stories.

At this point, we begin a systematic approach of the English language: vocabulary, spelling rules, and linguistics.

We begin to teach the function of words to children as young as 3½ years, just as they are first learning how to put words together to express themselves. This leads them to master these vital skills during a time in their lives when it is a delight, rather than a chore. Before long, they learn to write naturally and well.

During the early years, we increasingly focus on the organisation and development of increasingly complex ideas and information into well-spoken stories, poems, and/or plays.

Finally and most importantly, the key to our language arts curriculum is the quality of the things we read with our children or give to read.