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Preparing the children for the world of tomorrow

Preparing the children for the world of tomorrw Preparing the children for the world of tomorrow

In the past, when Mankind's store of knowledge was relatively fixed and limited, the most efficient care and education consisted of some form of "baby-sitting", drill, and/or memorisation.

In an era of such technological revolution and socio-economical change, the foundation of a good care and education is to learn how to learn as an individual.

Our programs encompasses the essence of the traditional care and educational curriculum, where we guide children how to concentrate and to learn to think, to follow their thoughts, express themselves well in speech and writing, and to put their skills and knowledge to practical application.

Montessori Stepping Stones™ has structured the learning development as an inclined spiral plane of interwoven and interdependent learning areas, rather than a traditional model in which the curriculum is compartmentalised into separate subjects, with given topics considered only once at a given time or level. 

In Montessori, activities and lessons are introduced simply and concretely in the early years, and are reintroduced several times over the years at increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity.

Development and learning an integrated thematic approach that ties the separate disciplines of the curriculum together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience.    

This integrated approach is one of the great strengths of Montessori's method and our philosophy of child care and education.
As an example, when our children learn about the pre-historic times in world history, they also hear about dinosaurs in Biology or Botany or other parts of the sciences, the arts, history, social issues, and the learning of technology all complement one another in our curriculum.

In preparation for school, we consciously teach children how to develop effective work habits and strategies.

Our goal is to help children develop themselves into individuals who are recognised for their individual character, team spirit, academic abilities and leadership.