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Our Overarching Aims

Our Overarching Aims Our Overarching Aims

We endeavour to: 

  • Nurture and promote a community of young people who are warm and welcoming. 
  • Instil a belief in and respect for ethical practice, for other people and for oneself and empathy with other races, religions and cultures with particular reference to the host cultures. 
  • Encourage political and environmental awareness and prepare our children to become active members and leaders of local and international communities. 
  • Empower our children through active participation in curricular activities which rewards individual and collective achievement and which prepares for life long, independent learning. 
  • Provide every child with access to a caring and educational experience of the highest standard possible. 
  • Provide a care and education that values and builds on the unique experiences of every student according to Maria Montessori’s philosophy. 
  • Provide a set of curricula planned to ensure breadth, balance, depth, relevance and to facilitate progression and continuity. 
  • Help children develop a positive sense of self and develop self-esteem 
  • Encourage and value individual creativity and achievement in the arts, sciences and through physical endeavour. 
  • Help children reach a high level of proficiency in language in order to facilitate cross-cultural interaction and to contribute to peaceful conflict resolution. 
  • Provide a basis of mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge enabling young people to learn the essential skills needed in a fast changing world.