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Montessori Stepping Stones (MSS) was founded in 2007 by a group of people, with varying background and a devoted interest in creating a "children's centre" that incorporates quantity care and early childhood education. Dr Maria Montessori’ philosophy and educational method plays a fundamental role in the strategies and operation of Montessori Stepping Stones Pre-school and Long Day Care environment.

We are nestled between the Devine Mercy College and the Mater Christi Primary School on 332 Yangebup Rd, Beeliar, Perth in Western Australia and just minutes away from the Cockburn Gateway shopping centre, Beeliar Primary School, Yangebup Primary School, South Coogee Primary School and the Community Centre on Dunraven Dr.

At Montessori Stepping Stones our staff work in a team of teachers (Bachelor of Education holders) Qualified Educators (Diploma of Children’s Services holders) and educators who are in training to receive their Diploma of Children’s Services, to ensure quality, consistency of education and care.

Montessori Stepping Stones is committed to the provision of quality education and care for 6 months to 6 year old children as well as for children who require out of school hours care (OSHC).  We believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore and interact with an environment in a constructive way at their own pace. Consequently our curricular activities are aimed to provide the maximum opportunity to experience a variety of materials, ideas, concepts and social situations at a level appropriate to the individual child.  We provide a stable physical environment that encourages the child to develop self confidence and communication skills. Rather than separating children by age, we provide an environment more akin to society where all ages interact. Through our comprehensive and sensitive approach to developing the individual, Montessori Stepping Stones aims to provide an appropriate education that enables our children to successfully approach challenges that lie ahead.We believe that parents and family play an integral role in a child’s education and welcome them to share in the learning journey.

The philosophy of Montessori Stepping Stones has been inspired by many contemporary educators who have set about to study childhood and how children can best be supported in their growth to be happy, healthy and active contributors to society. We are involved in a dynamic educational and global society, which must consider the whole child. In our journey towards developing the best educational environments to engage the child in active learning, and welcome families, we have been inspired by:

  • Dr Maria Montessori philosophy and educational method of collaborative and peer based learning. 
  • The Hundred Languages by Loris Malaguzzi , founder of the Reggio approach;
  • Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences;
  • Knowledge that children will learn at different rates in response to different experiences and will also communicate their knowledge using different mediums. 
  • Brain research in learning and socio-emotional development, which supports integrated learning of Literacy and Numeracy skills 
  • Contemporary issues in the importance of ‘Place Based’ and ‘Nature Based’ experience. 
  • The need for children to feel safe and supported by their environments in order to learn. 
  • The importance of authentic experience in supporting long term retention of learning. 
  • An understanding that Educators, Families, Parents, Custodians and other members of the community can support children’s development best if they listen closely to their questions & needs. 
  • A culture of reflection and striving for the best we can be. 
  • Sustainable healthy life style in all environments. 
  • That laughter and humour is an essential part of our day-to-day expression of life.