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Our Learning Environments, Freedom Of Movement

Our Learning Environments, Freedom Of Movement Our Learning Environments, Freedom Of Movement

We emphasize a mixed age group, from 6 months to 6 years, with low student-educator ratios.  We employ trained Montessori-and non- trained Montessori staff ( who are trained in-house and through Professional Development workshops) who take a personal interest in seeing that each child succeeds as a learner, and we have created environments designed for children to use, enjoy and develop.

Each child is allowed supervised free choice of activities and freedom of movement based on his or her interests, so long as these activities do not disrupt the well being of the group. This promotes initiative and self-confidence.

There are interest centres filled with intriguing learning materials, fascinating, maps, charts, fossils, historical artefacts, mathematical models , scientific apparatus, perhaps a small natural science museum, and where possible animals that the children are raising.

Montessori classrooms are commonly referred to as a prepared environments; whilst the “Educators” are referred to as directors - guiding facilitating, presenting a new lesson, or quietly observing the children at work.

This name reflects the care and attention that is given to creating a caring and learning environment that will reinforce the children’s independence and intellectual, physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual development. 

It may take a moment to spot the educator within the environment. They will be found working with one or two children at a timeSurroundings have a great deal to do with the creation of an atmosphere of care and learning. Our rooms (the Prepared Environment) are our children’s homes away from home and we strive to make them as attractive and comfortable as possible. Our Montessori rooms tend to fascinate both children and their parents.They are warm, colourful, stimulating rooms filled with activities, apparatus, art, music and books with a room for quiet and peace.

The rooms are set up to facilitate discussion and stimulate collaborative learning. One glance and it is clear that our children feel comfortable and safe.

Children will utilise the room environment by working alone or with one or two others. They tend to become so involved in their work that visitors are immediately struck by the peaceful atmosphere.Materials are structured and presented to enable self-teaching and independent activity, which develops self-reliance. 

This emphasises learning through the use of tangible sensory objects, which reinforces memory and understanding, whilst providing a supportive, carefully prepared environment scaled to the needs of the child and designed to facilitate a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.