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Montessori Stepping Stones Philosophy

Montessori Stepping Stones Philosophy Montessori Stepping Stones Philosophy

We believe in equality of opportunity for all those in our care and the empowerment of children and staff alike (being) to develop themselves as individuals (becoming) and in turn, the communities to which they belong (belonging).

Sincere relationships with children, their parents and families, as well as our colleagues are the foundation for constructive and joyful learning and development.

By embracing diversity and difference we commit ourselves to an unbiased and non-discriminative approach towards children, their parents and families and their respective cultures and community.

By acknowledging the rights of each child we acknowledge their being, their voices, their thoughts and wishes - and can critically reflect and discuss - thereby make informed decisions to intentionally guide, learn and grow within our centre community.

Quality early childhood and early childhood education matter and our commitment to quality is reflected though applied informed practices that embed the above philosophy and the critical reflections of them.