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Montessori in "nutshell"

Montessori in Montessori in "nutshell"

Maria Montessori drew her ideas about how to handle and educate children from her observations of them at different stages in their development, and from her exposure to children of different cultures.

She identified what she saw that was common in all children as "the universal characteristics of childhood," regardless of where children were born or how they were brought up.

She then set out to act as an interpreter for children everywhere, advising adults to adopt a new approach to them and treat the period of childhood as an entity in itself, not merely a preparation for adulthood.

These can be summed up as follows:

  • All children have "absorbent" minds;
  • All children pass through "sensitive" periods;
  • All children want to learn;
  • All children learn through play/work;
  • All children pass through several stages of development;
  • All children want to be independent;    
Since they together form the core of belief upon which the Montessori Method is based, it is worth looking at each one in more detail.