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Montessori care and education - relationships

Montessori care and education - relationships Montessori care and education - relationships

The heart of any good educational and care facility is its faculty of educators, educarers, aides and administrators. Each one has been chosen with great care.

They share a common philosophy and approach that makes our pre-school and long day care centre very consistent in practice.

In each of our rooms there is a Montessori certified educator (qualified teacher or educator).  Associate teachers are chosen because of special talents and qualities, which enhance the educational programme; all teachers, educarers and aides continue their professional growth through ongoing studies and professional development workshops.    

The responsibility of the adult includes many factors:

  • the preparation of the environment of the Infant Toddler (Nido) Community for the activity of the "unconscious" absorbent mind;
  • to prepare the environment of the Casa dei Bambini for the activity of the "conscious" Absorbent Mind;
  • to recognise and understand the sensitive periods as those transient times during which the child tends towards a certain activity, which can be best conquered at that stage;
  • to understand the difference between liberty and licence and to recognise that liberty must be a point of arrival, not a point of departure, and which will depend on the development of will, the power to choose;
  • to recognise the child's need to develop inner discipline so that s/he may be able to control his own acts and behaviour ;
  • to realise the child's task is to work at the construction of him/herself - to learn how to observe so as to better serve the child's needs through making the fullest use of the human tendencies
  • to realise when to be active and when to be passive - to rid oneself of pride and anger;
  • to cultivate humility and to become one who serves a process, that of the construction of Man.

Family participation and involvement

There is a real sense of partnership.  We encourage families to participate with their very young children when possible, get involved in the planning and give us as much information about family traditions, routines, rituals, relationships, habitat and dynamics.

We understand that it is not always possible with the busy schedules in today's modern world with it's the demands as well as workload and invite our parents to make a time with us, i.e. to can come in and join for a morning. We work closely with our families through day-to-day verbal and written communication, emails, the website, formal progress reports, bi-monthly newsletters and parent and family meetings.  Because we get to know our children so well, we can carefully monitor and evaluate their development within the broader context of their unique talents and personalities.  We encourage parent participation in the broader life of the centre.  We discuss parenting and family issues a.  Parents can become actively engaged in participating in a wide-range of social affairs that bring us together as a community.